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Anti-Scam Protection Policy
Feelove is a private club that assures protection against all types of fraud and scam for each client. Safety is extremely important when it comes to online dating. We all know numerous cases when scammers try to take advantage of unsuspecting clients. It is our personal mission to make our platform an impossible place to earn easy money for fraudsters.

Flawless reputation and the highest level of trust to our website are our main priorities. As our website is our brand, we always care about our reputation and the quality of services offered to our devoted customers. This anti-scam policy is designed to assure a safe environment, which is an integral part of a pleasant entertainment on any dating website.

Users’ activities which are not considered to be scam.
Rest assured that the following actions cannot be considered a scam:
A lady or man stops your communication or refuses to build your relationship – she might have her own reasons.
A user changes her/his profile status on the portal.
The fact that a woman or man wears rings is not always the sign that she is married to somebody. Moreover, you should pay attention to the finger it is on.
A user refuses to answer some questions you ask. Again, there can be different reasons for that.
User’s page on any social platform contains photos of friends, family, and relatives as well as personal information.

Scam prevention tests In order to refuse entry to scammers on our website, we provide the following checks:
All information provided by each woman in her profile undergoes a profound check. Our anti-scam specialists verify all their data and even call them to ask questions personally. To ensure the safety of each customer, we remove all suspicious accounts created on Feelove.

We always make sure if the account belongs to the person who uses it. For that purpose, we call them and ask tricky questions that can easily reveal the truth. If you doubt the honesty of a woman's or man`s intentions, it’s better to check them. The first and foremost thing you are to do is to see for yourself that the profile used by this lady belongs to her. Ask her to talk to you with her web camera turned on. If your request is denied, or a user avoids reacting to your suggestion very neatly, it probably means that something is wrong. In this case, you need to apply to our anti-scam team for help. Be sure that we will pursue an investigation to reveal the scammer.

If you want to avoid scam, it is necessary to consider the following recommendations.

Communicating a couple of months with a person you are interested in, you may sell yourself the idea that you are in love, but it’s not always the truth. With the help of a usual or even video chat, you can freely express your feelings and say all the words you want her/him to know. Even if he/she says she loves you back, can you really be confident it is the truth? We do not claim that she lies, but it’s better to be on the safe side. The safe and proven method to reveal the trustworthiness of feelings is to meet this lady in real life.

It is necessary to admit that ladies are suffering from scammers not less than men are, and very often the consequences are even more serious than you think. For those who don't know, there are numerous types of serious crimes against women.

If a lady inherits a fortune, mansion, apartment, car, jewelry, etc., she risks being a victim of a male swindler. Usually, he is young, charismatic, good-looking, and he is a foreigner with a seducing accent. These qualities are quite enough for a woman to fall in love with him. He asks her to marry him and move to his country. She sells all her property and comes to his beloved. Can you guess what goes next? Yes, she is robbed.

Some desperate women traveling abroad to earn some money risk facing sexual slavery, which is worse than any scam. Relying on their fiancées, they come to a foreign country. They can’t speak its language, don’t know the traditions of the nation and, of course, they are unaware of the dangers lurking around. These ladies are kidnapped, raped and forcefully subjugated into prostitution. To reduce the number of such cases, in 2006 the government of the United States of America ordained a law which disallows contacts exchange with foreign women for U.S. Citizens.

There are numerous women-fraudsters who make money deceiving men on the Internet. Their names and photos are revealed on various anti-scam websites by the victims of their frauds. Although the majority of these women are guilty, there are cases when men include the names of ladies who broke up with them or just turned them down into the black list. In an attempt to get back down, some men even pay these anti-scam portals to publish women’s photos and personal information. That is why it’s really hard to understand who you should believe.

The majority of websites offering online dating services are very concerned about the scam issue. To protect a customer, they resort to passport and personality verifications. However, they do not guarantee that you will find your perfect match for a strong and long-term relationship. Whether you date online or in real life, any romantic relationship always ends in a break up or marriage, and it only relies on you. It is essential to choose a decent partner who shares your values and interests. It is hard to reveal ill nature at a glance, but we try to do our best not to detect swindlers before they register on our website.

Our anti-scam policy was created just for this purpose. A lot of clients gladly welcomed this program. However, some of them were cynical about it. Very soon it had managed to gain loyalty among all users. Of course, no one can be 100% guaranteed against scam, but Feelove watches out for your security day and night. If you happen to be a victim of a scam on our website, we guarantee to investigate your issue in the proper manner and take appropriate legal action toward the scammer. Still, such cases are rare on our website.

We wish you to meet your soul mate and build a happy relationship. Good luck!