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1.Why should I choose your service? Is your service the best?

We have the LOWEST PRICES among of all existing dating sites!!!One letter on our site worth only 1$!!! You will not find such a low price at any of other dating sites! We are honest and have zero tolerance for fraud and/or any scam activity. For these reasons, most of the lady members on our site have confirmed profiles, meaning that our local representative verified their identities using either passports, background checks, address verification, etc. Also, members can confirm the identities of the ladies using Chat, Live Video or by watching their introductory videos. Once our members have obtained contact information from the lady he has been corresponding with and would like to arrange a trip to meet the lady or ladies of his choice, our local representatives assist our clients with every detail of their traveling needs, including scheduling air travel accommodations, hotel recommendations and arrangements, a driver, interpreters, etc. We also provide excellent customer service to our clients, thoroughly addressing our client’s needs and doing all we can (within reason and as much as we are able) to assist our clients with the process of finding, meeting and marrying a Russian/Ukrainian woman. We truly do believe we provide the best service and thank you for choosing Feeloveua.com.

2.Why Aren't Your Services Free?

Prices on our dating site are the cheapest!

3. How do I contact the ladies I like on your website?
First, you will have to sign up for any membership which will allow you to communicate with the ladies through our site's messaging system as well as write them directly using credits. Also you can use our Live Video Chat and Live Video Streaming features for the best results.

4.How does Feelove work?

To get started corresponding with the lady members, please complete a profile. Your profile will tell the lady members a little bit about yourself. To begin creating your profile, please click on the "Registration" link at our site, www.Feeloveua.com. Please include recent pictures and don't be afraid to tell the lady members a little bit about yourself. Once you become a member of Feelove, we recommend selecting which lady members you would like to begin corresponding with. By using our Search feature (found on your home page when you log in), you can customize your search results to find which lady members most complement your interests.
To begin corresponding with the lady who has caught your attention, contact her via mail on the site… or if she is online, feel free to invite her to chat with you. If you choose to email her, you can send an introductory letter introducing yourself to her. While communicating with the lady or ladies of your choice, you are welcome to use Live Video features to see your lady Live. We also provide a Gift service enabling you to surprise your special girl on the right occasion.
Once you and your lady have been communicating well enough and have established a comfortable relationship, feel free to request her contact information (includes her full name, telephone number and home address). You can also make plans to visit her in her country. When you’re ready to make that trip, we recommend requesting a Travel Tour to put you in touch with our local representatives, as they will be able to assist you with travel arrangements, apartment accommodations, etc. However, even if you do not purchase a Travel Tour, or if you have sufficiently made your own arrangements, we still recommend requesting a Travel Tour so that you will have someone local to contact.

5. How many photos can I attach when writing emails to the lady members?

Only 1 photo/attachment can be sent with each email.
6. Are emails the ladies and I send to each other translated?
If the lady you are corresponding with has requested assistance with translation, than all your letters to her and all her letters to you are translated. Otherwise, if the lady member is able to read and write in English, than she has no need for an interpreter.

7. Does Feelove read all of my letters?

We do not read the letters and Instant Messaging/Chat sessions shared between you and the lady you are corresponding with.

8. Why have I received so many letters from the ladies?

Is it possible to get a lot of emails from ladies in a short period of time? Yes. We have thousands of female members on our site. We truly don`t think there are any ulterior motives. When we look at the mailbox of the average male member, it differs none from the inbox of the average female member. In other words, both female and male members tend to have hundreds of emails at any given time sitting in his/her Inbox. Please be assured that a lot of our lady members are simply looking for someone to correspond with to find if there is any possibility something may evolve down the line.

9.Why do all ladies have professional photographs? Are they all photo models?

Only some of the featured ladies are actual photo models or combine a modeling career with other occupations. The majority of our clients are doctors, teachers, hairdressers, accountants, waitresses, lawyers and economists, etc. Regular people, if you will. The photos they have posted here have been taken especially for our site. It is common knowledge that men fall in love with their eyes, which is why the ladies take the time to prepare for photo shoots, selecting both suitable outfits and venues and even the time of the year for their photos.

10. Why don't all profiles come with videos?

Unlike photos, it is far more challenging to make videos for a dating site. It involves devising a plot line and throwing away your inhibitions on camera, while also making sure not to embarrass yourself or come off as forbiddingly serious. Far from all ladies have their videos on the site, but the number of those that do is growing with each passing day. We never fail to tell the ladies that their chances of being contacted by the right man increase with the volume of information they provide about themselves. When communicating with a lady, feel free to say that you would really like to view a video of her.

11. How does flowers and gifts delivery work?

All ladies' profiles include a Send Gift button, indicating that they have agreed to accept gifts sent through our site. Clicking this button will take you to a list of flowers and gifts you can send. We complement each gift with a pleasant free card with your message for the lady. We make the delivery within five business days (usually faster) of receiving payment. We notify the client upon completion of the delivery, attaching photos of the lady receiving your gift.

12. Isn’t it odd that some women here are looking for a man much older than themselves?

It is not uncommon for Russian women to marry older men, which may clash with American stereotypes. If you are going to marry a Russian woman, you might want to learn how to look beyond those. Remember that every person has their own standards. Some women don’t mind a significant age difference, while others do.

13. Too Good To Be True? These women are hot! What gives?

We've made it a point to select some of the most stunning single women has to offer. When you couple that with the fact that European women take great pride in their appearance, it should come as no surprise that the ladies who participate in our program wish to make the very best possible impression with their photos. So, while these women are indeed "hot," that doesn't mean they are any less available. Hard to believe? Read on!